Can You Freeze Lettuce?

Questioning whether or not you may freeze lettuce? Right here’s whether or not this leafy inexperienced can maintain up for long run storage.

Butter Lettuce

Obtained numerous further lettuce and unsure what to do with it? Saved within the fridge, this leafy inexperienced stays contemporary for about 1 week. In case you’ve received leftovers, you would possibly take into account throwing this leafy inexperienced into the deep freeze. Is that this a good suggestion? Right here’s what to know.

Are you able to freeze lettuce?

Lettuce doesn’t freeze effectively. Freezing causes ice crystals to type and destroy the cell partitions. Lettuce is made 95% of water, so this destroy

Freezing lettuce destroys its crisp texture and as soon as defrosted, the feel turns into wilted and slimy. It is because the water within the lettuce expands whereas freezing and modifications its construction. Whilst you can simply freeze different greens like carrots, celery and onions, the feel change with lettuce is so excessive that freezing it’s not really helpful.

How lengthy does lettuce final refrigerated?

On common, lettuce lasts about 1 week within the fridge. Nevertheless, this varies based mostly on whether or not it’s a head or bag of lettuce, the variability, and the way contemporary it was whenever you purchased it. Wish to make lettuce last more within the fridge? Listed here are a couple of methods:

  • Wrap heads of lettuce in aluminum foil, then place them within the produce drawer. Saved this fashion, romaine hearts can final 3 to 4 weeks. Different varieties of head lettuce varies.
  • Place a paper towel right into a plastic field or bag of lettuce, then refrigerate. The paper towel absorbs the moisture, extending the lifetime of the greens. (Change the paper towel each few days because it turns into moist.)

Lettuce recipes

The easiest way to make use of up lettuce earlier than it goes unhealthy? Eat it in recipes! Listed here are a couple of tasty lettuce recipes to attempt: